Become a host family

Our program aims to enable exchange students to live temporarily in Brazilian homes to immerse themselves in the local culture and encourage learning of the Portuguese language.

Hosting a foreigner is giving him/her the opportunity to get to know Brasília and Brazil through your eyes, and you will still get paid for it!

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What is necessary?

  • Reside in the following districts of Brasília: Asa Norte, Asa Sul, Lago Norte or Noroeste.
  • Offer a single room (not shared) and a temporary home with loving care and respect.
  • Offer a complete Portuguese language immersion experience
  • Provide meals and everything else the student needs in his/her routine;
  • Make the student feel part of the family, participating in all their activities and sharing household chores.
  • Provide the student with opportunities to learn about our culture.
  • Be open to learning about the culture and customs of the student's home country.

Why hosting a foreigner?

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Discover the world!

You will learn a lot about other parts of the world, as it will be an opportunity for your family to bring the world into the house.

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Teach and learn

It is a chance to share your history, traditions, and customs, and at the same time experience new traditions and customs without leaving home.

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Make friendships

Opening the doors of your home will give you and your family the chance to network globally and have friends from many places around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have some frequently asked questions about the Host a Foreigner program. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Anyone who lives in Plano Piloto and has a private room available that offers a safe, clean, and comfortable stay. Hosting a foreigner in your home will provide you with a lot of learning, knowledge exchange, and an experience with a culture different from your own.

It is quite simple. Just fill out the Interest Form. There you fill in all the necessary information in the fields described for an evaluation of your profile and of the foreign exchange student you are willing to host. After analyzing your form, the Vila Brasil team will contact you to make a technical visit to evaluate your home. After the residence approval, we will need to check the criminal background of the family members.

The minimum age to host a foreign exchange student is 25.

All families are welcome in our program, and there is no discrimination by our staff regarding family configuration.

Yes, it is possible to choose students by gender, and no restrictions can be made as to the race or religion of the exchange student.

The student must have a private room. The bathroom can also be individual (suite) or shared with other people.

Yes, in general, we require that families provide at least two meals a day (breakfast and lunch/breakfast and dinner). It is also possible to provide breakfast and the student is free to buy food for the other meals and prepare it in the kitchen using the utensils available.

The length of stay for each student varies between 1 and 4 weeks in general. Every family will be informed about the duration of the exchange before the arrival of the student.

Yes, the price will be negotiated according to the characteristics of each accommodation, from R$150 to R$200 per day..

After filling out the form, we will schedule a visit to evaluate the conditions of the accommodation. If approved, the accommodation will be put on our database and as soon as we have a suitable student, we will contact the person in charge to find out if they are available.

Of course. Students are not required to participate in family events and trips; however, we encourage families and students to interact as much as possible, on trips, family events, outings in the city, etc.

If there is any disagreement, we ask the people involved to talk frankly and try to resolve the situation. If there is no understanding or no compatibility between the person responsible for the accommodation and the foreign student, we ask you to contact the Vila Brasil team.

Yes, this must be done before or as soon as the student arrives. It is especially important that the student knows and follows the rules established by the person in charge. Rules can be established regarding the use of other rooms, kitchen utensils and/or laundry facilities, telephone, computer, internet, arrival times, and other details that may contribute to some disharmony in the environment. We ask that common sense and mutual respect always prevail.


Contact us

If you want to register or have questions about how to become a host family, send us a message.
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