Language teaching materials

with a focus on ethnic-racial diversity

There is a lack of language teaching materials that portray some realities, without resorting to the cartoonish, the prejudiced, the disrespectful, the criminal. What teaching material brings black people without dealing with stories of overcoming, of poverty, of slavery? What material brings indigenous people and their contributions to society? How does a black and/or indigenous person feel when studying and not seeing him/herself represented in this so-called edifying teaching?

Thus, this book is the result of a mini course where professionals met to propose ways to elaborate critical and protagonist didactic materials that add to the anti-racist fight. This work brings materials in Portuguese (as mother tongue and additional language), Spanish and English, divided into four themes: citizenship, cultural diversity, identity, and stories/History.

Capa do ebook Materiais Didáticos em línguas com foco na diversidade étnico-racial
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Published e-books

Below are all the free e-books published by our team to help your teaching practice.


Capa do ebook Abordagem Cultural:Materiais didáticos em línguas estrangeiras

Cultural Approach

Teaching Materials in Foreign Languages

Aimed at foreign language teachers and professionals in the education field, this e-book aims to present our Cultural Approach course. It compiles the final projects carried out collaboratively by the students as well as some activities that were done throughout the course. This first volume is an open database for teachers who are looking not only for materials for their classes, but also for ideas that can be freely appropriated and adapted to create new teaching materials.

Capa do ebook Cultura expressa em palavras

Culture expressed in words

Each word carries a story within it. And through them we can present a cultural universe to those who were not born in the same country we come from. Through vocabulary, with the help of etymology, we can explore with our students a diversity of paths and stories to be told. In this e-book, we demonstrate ways to design interesting and attention-grabbing lessons from a simple lexical item, a word. You will discover the mysteries that can lie behind a unit of meaning.

Como trabalhar cultura em aulas de português para estrangeiros

How to work culture

into Portuguese classes for foreigners

According to anthropologists and sociologists, simply put, culture is an organization of beliefs, values and customs that separate one group from another. When working with culture in Portuguese classes for foreigners, we must keep in mind the complexity of the subject, although we want to treat it in a didactic and understandable way for our students. By being aware of this, we can avoid generalizations and realize which paths we can choose in such a vast subject.

Capa do ebook Português de acolhimento: Como oferecer um ensino de qualidade por meio do WhatsAapp

Welcoming Portuguese

How to offer quality teaching via WhatsApp

Teachers of Welcoming Portuguese (Portuguese for refugee seekers) have faced many challenges in adapting face-to-face classes to the virtual environment. Many students in the programs have difficulty accessing high-speed internet, but this does not mean that it is not possible to offer quality teaching through simple tools such as WhatsApp. Therefore, we have prepared this e-book to bring some ideas on how to work with this public, using technology, but in a simple and effective way.

Capa do ebook Breve panorama da história do português brasileiro

A Brief Overview of the History of

Brazilian Portuguese

This e-book aims to present a brief historical panorama of Brazilian Portuguese considering the various aspects and possibilities we have when researching and building historiographical narratives. Concepts of general and historical linguistics will be presented, which will give the participant a more critical understanding of the transformation of the language. All this will be done from a chronological line of facts linked to the development of Portuguese to facilitate understanding and so that, later, teachers can use the information in a didactic way in class.


Capa do ebook Ensinar português para estrangeiros: Por onde começar?

Teaching Portuguese to Foreigners

Where do We Begin?

This e-book is intended for teachers who are beginning a career in teaching Portuguese to foreigners, or even for those who already have experience in another language but want to know how to better organize a Portuguese class. By reading the e-book, you will:

  1. have a basic notion of the approaches used in language teaching so that your classes always have a theoretical foundation;
  2. learn in practice how to organize a course plan from a syllabus;
  3. make lesson plans;
  4. select and prepare teaching materials;
  5. As well as see tips and suggestions for activities.

Capa do ebook Utilização da fonética em sala de aula de língua estrangeira

Using phonetics

in foreign language class

According to Thaïs Cristófaro Silva (2003), "the foreign language teacher must know the language they teach well and be able to compare it with Portuguese. The comparison makes it possible to evaluate problems of linguistic interference of one language in the other and to formulate proposals to block such interference. With that in mind, in this e-book, we will give tools for us professionals to know how to deal with difficulties that arise in the course of our work when it comes to explaining how to pronounce certain sounds and improve our students' learning.

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